Elaine Seth has a passion for helping people along their journey of continuous improvement. She believes in setting and attaining goals. Transition is an element that Elaine embraces. She believes that each person can manage the outcome of their journey according to the amount of work they are willing to put in. Her principle is that drive, determination and hard work far out-weigh sheer talent. Elaine is no stranger to hard work; she spent 6.5 years working as an assembly technician building vans for Ford Motor Company before relocating to South Florida.

Her exotic features, energetic, genuine personality and positive mental attitude have contributed to obtaining many wonderful opportunities. Elaine has been featured in many print publications, infomercials and spent many years as an on-air personality for a South Florida based nightlife and entertainment show. She has also hosted and facilited events nationwide. A transition in careers directed her focus into the corporate world for a number of years, but Elaine realized that motivating and encouraging others is a big part of what makes her who she is. She decided to re-launch her website as a means to inspire others to "Live Their Dream", which is the subject of the book she is currently writing.

Elaine is a Lifetime Associate Member of Paralyzed Veterans of America Florida Chapter, where she serves as Director of Development and Special Programs.

"I want to encourage as many people along my journey as possible, regardless of what my scorecard says. I hope that the "seeds" I plant can help people, either by action or instruction, so they are able to dial in, either at that moment or later down the road and benefit from it."     ~Elaine Seth